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Re: [cdt-dev] Pretty Printing STL Container in debugger

You can try to look how it works in gdb from command line (just set a break after your vector is filled and make print command). If it works fine you should check your Eclipse settings (for example, "C/C++ --> Debug --> GDB --> Enable pretty printers in variable/expression tree" setting or check that you set up right .gdbinit file in your debug configuration). If gdb does not print your vector too, check your pretty printers (maybe they are incompatible with your version of STL) and their setup in .gdbinit.

And one more note: if you use STLPorts instead of standard STL you need a special version of pretty printers for it.


-------- Original message --------

I just tried to "see" contents of stl containers in the cdt debugger
(using gdb). I used the instructions from

To some the lower part of the Variables view I can now see container
content (e.g. "std::vector of length 3, capacity 4 = {2, 12, 0}").
However, in the upper part, I cannot expand the vector to see its three
child elements as shown in the second picture in

I'm using CDT 8.0 and gdb 7.3-2011.08.

Is this a cdt bug or is there something wrong with my setup or the
description at above link?

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction.


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