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Re: [cdt-dev] Fix for bug 307311

Dear members / committers of the Eclipse CDT project,

I may try again to convince any of the committers of Eclipse CDT to review the patch for bug 307311 (UTF-8 support for debugging views) which I've submitted to Bugzilla about 4 months ago.

Bugzilla link:

The review shouldn't take long - it's just about 100 lines of very cleanly written code (200 including comments), and I also spent much time testing this. So it really should work. See for a verification that the patch is actually generally working.

The review might just primarily cover the question whether MIVarEvaluateExpressionInfo and MIDataEvaluateExpressionInfo should call MIConst.getString() then instead of MIConst.getCString() in order to support Unicode for evaluated expressions as well.

One final note: gdb's charset must be set to either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 in order to enable this patch to correctly recognize all UTF-8 strings (should be the default setting anyway on Linux / Mac, but not on Windows). You may use the gdb commands "set charset UTF-8" or "set charset ISO-8859-1" for that. More details about this can be found within the comments I made on the bug report.

Thank you very much for your valued time and work.

Best regards,
Mathias Kunter

Am 20.10.2011 19:51, schrieb Marc Khouzam:
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>> Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 1:37 PM
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>> Subject: [cdt-dev] Fix for bug 307311
> Hi Mathias,
> apologies for not being able to answer earlier.
> It is nice to see your effort for this contribution
> and I hope a committer will have time to review it soon.
> I personally have no time right now, but I'll keep this
> in the back of my mind if time does become available and no
> one else has jumped in.
>> I've already posted to this mailing list some weeks ago, but didn't
>> receive any reply so far - so I'm trying again now: I've fixed bug
>> 307311 and attached a corresponding patch. Please see
>> The fix brings UTF-8 Unicode support to the Eclipse CDT
>> debugging views.

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