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[cdt-dev] Issues creating patch with egit [FIXED]


Thanks to Mikhail Khodjaiants I finally figured out the solution for the
issue I (and others) face with egit
>I am having the same issue mentioned by "Tomljenovic Marko" @
>"Unfortunately either EGit or my understanding of GIT is the problem.
Somehow I can't get a patch created that only contains the changed
files. The created patch is always multiple MBs big for just one changed
file. It seems to contain the changes of multiple projects."
>The patch file created is not only for line feeds, it contains real
>I only created a branch from master, checked it out, made some changes,
committed them, then trying to create a patch from the commit from the
history view.
>After some trials I was able to create a commit that has this problem,
then subsequent commits were clean, so I create a temp commit, then a
real one. For some reason this is no longer working.
>Can someone please advise me on what I might be doing wrong.
The issue happens when I select a file and Show in history, then select
my commit from there and create a patch. egit creates a patch with
changes between this commit and the one preceding it in the history view
(for all the files)

The correct way to do this is to go to "Git Repositories" perspective,
right click on the org.eclipse.cdt repository itself and select Show In
History. Then you will get a correct history of all changes, and egit
will be able to create the correct patch.

Hope this helps other newbies.

Best Regards,

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