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[cdt-dev] extend the eclipse cdt makefile builder (MBS)

I am trying to extend the eclipse cdt  Managed Build System, so that after it generates automatically the makefile, i would be able to modify it slightly and save the changes, so when it builds it would use my modified one (Or to extend the makefile builder so it will generate the makefile as I want).

I believe it could be done as a tool chain:
somehow after the makefile is generated, i should add my own tool (which will be a script) that makes my modification. Then, i should build and link normally.
I have 2 issues with that solution:
1. i need to find a way to stall the build tool until my script is done, and run the script immediately after the makefile is generated.
2. the makefile's sources and objects list are specified in only each sub-directory (""), so I'll have to find them all, for my modification to take place. (I believe I can solve it, but it is a bit inconvenient)

Could someone please tell me I can I solve the first issue or, alternatively, suggest a better way to do it?


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