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[cdt-dev] React on debug view visibility changes


I should probably ask this question in a different Eclipse list, but I thought to ask here first because someone of you guys may have come up with a solution for the following problem already.

Background information: I'm developing some plugins that extend CDT/DSF to deal with a slightly customized GDB version (suitable for our own hardware).

The simple question: When debugging, I need to be aware of which tasks are 'expanded' in the debug view. Or, in other words, which stack frames are visible in the debug view. More precisely: I need to get notified whenever the stack frames are either expanded or collapsed. How can I do that?

I tried to find a way of doing what I need, but did not come up with a usable solution. According to my investigation: - There is no CDT support for getting notified whenever the stack frame visibility changes - There is no special support from Eclipse to get notified about the visibility of elements in the debug view (IDebugUIConstants.ID_DEBUG_VIEW) - There *is* a possibility to get notified about TreeExpansionEvent (treeExpanded and treeCollapsed) events. BUT: these events are not generated when the tree gets expanded programmatically (which is done by DSF upon certain thread-events (such as breakpoint hit)).

Again, my question: Is anybody out there who had to be aware of such 'visibility events' in the past and who could give me some hints? Any ideas about a possible solution? Would it be better to ask the Eclipse folks which are responsible for the debug view?

Any input would be highly appreciated.


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