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[cdt-dev] Antw: Codan - Adding a simple checker to codan, how to use markers

Hello Claudio,
the default text of the error description in the problems view is defined in the plugin.xml.
                 messagePatter="MyDescription &apos;&apos;{1}&apos;&apos;"
In Additon you can use place holders like  ''{n}''   to display the arguments passed by the method  reportProblem().
n is the index of the argument you'd like to display, starting with 1.
For Example:
messagePattern = "One, Two,  &apos;&apos;{1}&apos;&apos;"
method call = reportProblem(ID, ProblemLocation, "Three");
You will see the following text in the problems view description:     One, Two, Three
Hope this will help you.
>>> bianco_ <livingmox@xxxxxxxxx> 10/13/2011 1:46 >>>

I'm trying to add some checkers to codan, to understand how it works i
started trying to modify the that i found in the example
plugin at the end of this page
But I don't understand really well how the function reportProblem() works,
and how to change the message that appears on the marker corresponding to
the "gets" function calls. I've checked the codan source code but I'm really
having some difficulties...Someone knows where can I find some
exaplanations?Or maybe could you give me a few hints/suggestions? It would
be really appreciated, I really need some help

Thanks a lot for reading,

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