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Re: [cdt-dev] Extending DSFLaunch

It's pretty much a copy and paste of GDBLaunch with modifications so that the Launch can store multiple DfsSessions and DfsServiceTrackers to deal with multi-core. 

I've noticed that when it loads the adaptor for the original GdbLaunch the adaptor is a GdbAdapterFactory but for my version the loaded adaptor is a SuspendTriggerAdapterFactor. Looking at the code for GdbAdapterFactory and the list of things it does makes me suspect this is the problem but I'm unsure why my version is behaving differently.

Do I need to create a MyGdbAdapterFactory (which will mostly be a copy of GdbAdapterFactory) to match MyGdbLaunch?



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You may want to make sure that your class that extends DSFLaunch follows the same pattern as GdbLaunch.  Maybe there is something you forgot to hook up?

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Extending DSFLaunch

Hello all,

I'm trying to add a custom debug framework for our target and I've extended DSFLaunch for our version of GDB. I made the changes I think I need to make but though GDB stops at the breakpoints and the MIRunControlEventProcessor notices that the breakpoint has been hit the UI doesn't update.

I think the problem is that the standard GDBLaunch is registering a lot more listeners than my version when getAdaptor is called. Can anybody give me pointers about what I need to do to associate those listeners with my DSFLaunch extension so they get added when its version of getAdaptors is called.

Thanks in advance


Phil Mason

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