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Re: [cdt-dev] tty connection between eclipse and gdb

Thanks for answering,
as far as I understand, I do run it with dsf-gdb. what i see is that when the inferior process dies, the tty (pty) is removed.I did some testing outside eclipse, i connected a process to a pty and then exited the process. The pty did not get removed. Could this be an eclipse or cdt fault?
Can i change something in eclipse code to keep this connection alive?


On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 5:08 PM, Marc Khouzam <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It will work if you use DSF-GDB, but not if you use CDI-GDB.

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i'd like to rerun of the inferior without restarting the gdb. It seems that doing that is killing the tty connection between eclipse and the inferior which causes me to end my debug session.
 Is possible rerun without killing this connection??


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