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[cdt-dev] Eclipse CDT error -- "Type can not be resolved"

Hi all,

We've got a legacy c++ system under a linux server and using samba to share the code..I am then using Eclipse CDT to modify the system with cygwin gcc under window xp (The linux server have no eclipse and graphic interface)......In the existing code, there is a complext folder structure, and the head files and source c++ files are located in many different sub-folders...

After I create a c++ project using the option "makefile project with existing code", I encounter a strange problem:

In A.h, there are some self-defined data structures. In B.h, the data structures can not be resolved but in B.h there is a line of code saying #include "A.h" (when I tried to press F3 on the line of code, I could get the file A.h, which means Eclipse knows/indexes A.h).

In addition, the legacy c++ system has been compiled succeessfully under linux using make. Cygwin is working OK.

SO the problem is why the data structures can not be resolved on Eclipse?

My Eclipse version:
Version: Indigo Release
Build id: 20110615-0604


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