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Re: [cdt-dev] Version management

Does CDT use the PDE API baseline check? That should tell you which version numbers need updating or not. 


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Of course a couple more things came to mind after I hit send.


For Indigo, all the plug-ins that have changed since the June release should be x.x.1. SR-1 is only a few days away.


Also, when you update a version, please make sure you update the pom.xml so that the artifact version matches. It’s one of the weird things of Tycho but builds fail if you don’t.





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Hey gang,


This came up at the call today. We need to make sure we’re properly updating the plug-in versions as we move in both Indigo and June. Here are some guidelines we came up with.


For Indigo (and any maintenance release), when you change a plug-in, make sure the third digit of the version matches the upcoming maintenance release. Post SR-2, make sure it’s x.x.3.


For Juno (and any main release) it’s trickier. Generally, you need to increment the second digit. That requires knowing whether it has changed already or not. You can always look at  the previous release to see what it was. Git file history can help there too.


And if you create API breakage with your change, increment the first digit. There will come a time where we will not allow API breakage for certain releases. That time could be now, we haven’t decided yet. So try not to break APIs and let the cdt-dev list know when you see the need so we can discuss.



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