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Re: [cdt-dev] Unit testing support for Eclipse CDT

You can use the existing bug. Just let us know here on cdt-dev when it’s ready and one of us will start the process.





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What should be done from my side to make this happen? Should I open a new bug (or reuse this one) when I will be ready? Or need I to do something more?


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I agree we should bring this in a feature for CDT 9. I'm also looking at the pkg-config work that Petri did as another candidate. And we have the Tilera Visualizer View as a third.
We must however bring it through IP review, and I would feel much better about the contribution if we had it checked anyway. Size shouldn't matter, especially as we have 9 months left in the release cycle. I will certainly help if we need things expedited.
Contributions like this came up at the multi-core call. As I stated there, this is why we moved to git. We can get larger contributions developed in the open at Github, EclipseLabs, Google Code, where have you, by a team of contributors and tested before bringing it in through the IP review. That way the review is done once and hopefully the contribution is large enough that we should feel comfortable holding the committer elections as soon as that contribution is merged into our master repo. This is how Linux is done, we can do the same.
Other thoughts?
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Doug I think we should include this in CDT 9 as optional feature, easiest way
would be to make Anton a committer, and then we don't need contribution
review, because I suspect it is massive code
On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 4:19 PM, xgsa <xgsa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Unit Test Support plugin was updated (feature version 3.0.1). New
Rerunning of the selected tests or test suites was done (via context
menu of testing hierarchy). Multiple selection for rerun is supported
for Qt.Test & Google Test (Boost.Test does not support this feature).
Test runs history was implemented (running testing sessions in
parallel mode is also supported).
Message filters by level were supported.
Error handling was improved if a test module terminated unexpectedly.
I have updated the project wiki, so you can take a look at new
screenshots here.
It seems, the last major feature that is missing yet, is debug
support. I will try to implement it for the next update. Certainly, a
lot of small features (for example, UI performance should be improved)
should be added too, so any feedback on my work will be appreciated. Stay
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Unit Test Support plugin was updated (feature version 2.0.1). The most
Google Testing Framework support;
show failed only filters;
plain view of testing hierarchy;
A few important bugs were fixed (in particular, failure messages
reset, reported by Axel Müller).
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I am working on the unit testing support for Eclipse CDT. It means
integration of existing C/C++ unit testing frameworks (such as
Boost.Test, Qt Test, Google Testing framework, CPPUnit, ...) into
Eclipse like JUnit support is done. I want to contribute it to the CDT
repository at one point, so I need your feedback.
Currently, these features are supported:
Tests running with support of the following frameworks:
Qt Test;
Tests hierarchy browsing in a separate view.
Test messages viewing, filtering by test case or test suite. Source
lookup is also supported.
Testing statistics (total/failed/aborted tests count, red/green bar).
Testing time measurement.
The list of provided tests runners may be easily extended writing a
new Tests Runner Plugin.
If you want to try it yourself, here is an instruction how to do it (a
few screenshots are also there). You can also see known problems &
planned features here. Here is a git repository (synchronized with
yours), that contains 3 new projects and a few changes in CDT sources.
So I want to know your opinion about current functionality features,
what is missing and should be implemented. Comments about source code
are also appreciated. If you have any questions - feel free to ask.
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