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[cdt-dev] Codan problems


this is my first post in this list, so sorry if I do anything wrong.

I've been having a few problems with codan.
The first problem appears only when using separate header & source
The problematic method is C::hello2():
If C::hello2() method is defined in header file, then codan resolves
base method CBase::hello(Derived* derived) correctly.
If C::hello2() method is defined in separate source file, which includes
the header, then codan explains that "Function 'hello' could not be
resolved"; A possible workaround to this problem would be to explicitly
specify base class when invoking hello method (as in

However in my main project where I originally discovered this problem
the workaround doesn't work - codan states that "Invalid arguments
'Candidates are: void hello(C *)' ". Same happens with methods which
have no parameters. However I wasn't able to create a small testcase,
which could reproduce the said error.

// main.hh
#pragma once

template <template <typename> class _T1>
struct Compose
  template <class _Type>
  struct T0
    typedef _T1<_Type> T1;

template <typename _Config>
struct B
  typedef typename _Config::Derived Derived;

  void hello(Derived* derived)

struct C;

struct Config
  typedef C Derived;

typedef Compose<B>::T0<Config>::T1 CBase;

struct C: CBase
  void hello2();
    hello(this); // ok

#include "main.hh"

void C :: hello2()
  CBase::hello(this); // ok
  hello(this);        // Function 'hello' could not be resolved

Another possible bug is related to c++0x variadic template

template <typename... Elements> struct Foo;

template <typename First, typename... Rest> struct Foo<First, Rest...>
  struct Inner { };

typedef Foo<int, int>::Inner Bar; // Type 'foo<int, int>::Inner could
not be resolved'

Removing 'typename First,' from template parameters and 'First,' from
template specialization causes the error to disappear, but such code is
no longer usable.

All code snippets compile fine with gcc 4.5.4.
This codan's behavior was observed with CDT shipped with Eclipse Indigo
and with CDT from Eclipse Indigo SR1 RC1.

Best regards,

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