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[cdt-dev] CDT adaptation


we are developing a computational mechanics software coded with C/C++
(around 1 million of dense C/C++ lines).

Using Eclipse for other purposes (mostly Android developments), I'm
interested in adapting CDT for our specific needs.

I tried to make some search on the web around the CDT plugin to start
learning how to extend / adapt CDT, but I did not find some good pointers
to start 

Since our project is rather old (started 20 years ago), we have our own
internal build system, which scans the project for dependencies and at the
end produces
several makefiles.

What I would like to do is :

- programatically parameter the project to fit our needs (changing the
'make' command, telling CDT about the dependencies, etc...). The idea would
be that the
user only tells Eclipse (and/or CDT) where the root of our project is, and
that the plugin automatically parameters everything for the user.

- enhancing the parser : with have several files (names ending with .z)
which are preprocessed by our tools to produce valid c++ files. I would
like to add our
pre-processor grammar.

Could you give me some hints about how to start the investigations ?

Best regards,


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