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Re: [cdt-dev] indexing results difference between CDT 7.0.x and CDT 8.0

> Regarding my previous mail: 
> As I mentioned below, CDT 8.0 M7 had indexing statistics similar to CDT 
> 7.0.2. How many milestones there are between CDT 8.0 M7 and CDT 8.0 
> official release. If there are not many, I could check them and narrow 
> in which milestone this regression was introduced. Is there a link 
> where I could find all CDT 8.0 milestones? 

I believe M7 was the last milestone before the official release (see [1]).
The only thing between them there is some release candidates. So, it should 
not be difficult to narrow down the cause of the change in behaviour.

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