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Re: [cdt-dev] Releng updates

Also, note that I have removed the archiving of the cdt-nightly zip and only archive the cdt-master-nightly one which contains everything.


So we have a chain of builds, one for each repo: cdt-nightly -> tcf-nightly -> cdt-edc-nightly -> cdt-master-nightly. The downstream builds are triggered by completion of the upstream ones and the cdt-nightly is set to go off every night. At least that’s the theory.


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Hey gang,


I’ve added Hudson jobs to build TCF (tcf-nightly) and EDC (cdt-edc-nightly).


I’ve also added a org.eclipse.cdt.master git repo which contains a single project that builds our master repo that contains everything. It is done in cdt-master-nightly.


Build dependencies are set up between these to make sure everything is up to date.


What that means is that to install the CDT nightly build, simply point p2 at:


I have a few more tweeks to do, like enabling signing. I’ll then go ahead and do the 8.0 builds this way too.



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