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Re: [cdt-dev] Unit testing support for Eclipse CDT


I don't want to sound rude or derogate your work, but how many Unit Test plugins/addons do we now have for C++ and how many do we have for just plain ANSI C?

I guess we are at free 2 : 0.

Do you plan any support ANSI-C based unit tests for e.g. cunit?


Am 28.06.2011 18:29, schrieb xgsa:

I am working on the unit testing support for Eclipse CDT. It means integration of existing C/C++ unit testing frameworks (such as Boost.Test, Qt Test, Google Testing framework, CPPUnit, ...) into Eclipse like JUnit support is done. I want to contribute it to the CDT repository at one point, so I need your feedback.

Currently, these features are supported:
  • Tests running with support of the following frameworks:
  • Tests hierarchy browsing in a separate view.
  • Test messages viewing, filtering by test case or test suite. Source lookup is also supported.
  • Testing statistics (total/failed/aborted tests count, red/green bar).
  • Testing time measurement.
  • The list of provided tests runners may be easily extended writing a new Tests Runner Plugin.
If you want to try it yourself, here is an instruction how to do it (a few screenshots are also there). You can also see known problems & planned features here. Here is a git repository (synchronized with yours), that contains 3 new projects and a few changes in CDT sources.

So I want to know your opinion about current functionality features, what is missing and should be implemented. Comments about source code are also appreciated. If you have any questions - feel free to ask.

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