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[cdt-dev] Extending CDT for a new language


I'm having a bit of a trouble finding my way through the CDT documentation and
source code(the code base is pretty large and sometimes less documented than
what a person looking at it for the first time would wish for).
I'm trying to add support in Eclipse for the D language, or at least figure out for
myself if I would be able to do that - there are some efforts ongoing for that(e.g. DDT, descent)
but none I've seen so far is very well integrated in the Eclipse ecosystem.
As D is similar in many aspects to C/C++ and is stated to be a systems level programming
language I thought that maybe the CDT route is the one to go - DDT uses DLTK and
descent was using a modified version of JDT.

One alternative to try would be just to clone the code base of CDT and try to adapt it
to D(as descent was doing with JDT) but that seems kind of overkill and I guess will duplicate
a lot of functionality without any real benefit.  A much suited alternative I think would be
to be able to extend CDT to support the new language, so does CDT provide a flexible way to do that,
to customize the project management, build system, debugging etc. functionalities for a
new language? I found some documentation/articles about using DSF to add a new debugger, or
how to extend the build system to support a new toolchain but I'm still not sure if that could
be used for a complete new language or just to add to the existing C/C++ functionality.
Any suggestions or pointers to articles/documentation that would lead me on the right track
would be very much appreciated.



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