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[cdt-dev] git test repo available

Hey gang,


I’ve managed to get James’s test repo mirrored over to our space at and updated the instructions to play with it.


You can see the test repo in all its glory here:


I’ve been testing with it and things are looking good. I’ll have screencasts showing the major workflows ready early next week. You should be able to do test commits to the test repo to get comfortable with it. I’ve already done a few J.


Indigo goes live on Wed, June 22. The plan is to kick off the transition on the Thurs the 23 and have us back in business by Monday the 27’th. Of course if something goes wrong, the CVS repo will still be there to fall back to.


Also, since we’re changing source control systems, I would also like to take the opportunity to change CDT’s releng over to Maven/Tycho. I have lots of offers from the greater Eclipse community to help with that. This should make it easier for people to do their own headless CDT builds on their own local branches.


Any questions, please let me know.


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