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Re: [cdt-dev] Update CDT installation after small patch - how?

I guess that won't help here, as (just to make things complicated) I have to maintain an old legacy system here, which uses the dropins mechanism for installing plugins, not the p2 API. Actually, the whole CDT is installed in a dropins subdir. I can't remove the original plugin jar, as that would break the running Eclipse instance for those in the team who are currently working with the IDE. There is no way to tell all of them to shut down Eclipse, so I have to install an updated jar in parallel.

That works fine with my own plugin, I simply increase the version number and add the new jar to the dropins folder. On the next Eclipse start, the new version is used. Only with CDT this approach does not work.

Marc Khouzam wrote on 2011-05-27 11:49:
I recently learned about a "Feature Patch" project from the forums

That allowed me to update an existing eclipse install with a small patch.


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Hi everybody,
maybe this is a very dumb question, but:
I currently have the need to patch the org.eclipse.cdt.ui plugin (only
one line added), and deploy that patched jar file to a shared
installation which is used by more than 100 developers.

If I do not change anything in the plugin.xml, that works fine, and my
patch is active if I replace the original file. But I would like to
change the build date in the version string. If I touch the version
string (if that matters, this is still, and I changed
it to the build process still runs fine, but the
plugin does not get loaded during Eclipse startup. Don't know why.

I already learned that the setup for a complete CDT build is far from
trivial, but that's not what I need. Is there any way to simply change
the version string and have the plugin being picked up? That way, I
could deploy it to the dropins area, which would make the handling much

Thanks for help

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