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Re: [cdt-dev] Contributing a build output console parser

Hi Priyadarshan,
What does your console parser do?


On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 9:04 AM, Priyadarshan Gupta <priyadarshan.eclipse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are extending the CDT builder for our tool chain and using almost all functionality of CDT Make builder except a few things and that "Scanner Configuration Builder" is not required. The requirement of our builder is that it must allow clients/other plugins to contribute a console parser to the builder so as to parse the build output from the console. This parsing is however not followed by marker generation.

There are two relevant parser interfaces viz. org.eclipse.cdt.core.IErrorParser and org.eclipse.cdt.core.IConsoleParser. Considering that IErrorParser is implemented by parsers looking for build errors and therefore are also responsible for creating problem markers, we should keep the API implementation for our parsers as IConsoleParser.

But as can be seen IConsoleParser contains javadoc annotations - @noextend and @noimplement and contrary to it this interface has been extended by org.eclipse.cdt.make.core.scannerconfig.IScannerInfoConsoleParser, which is a part of Scanner Configuration Builder, we are now in facing a dilemma of whether to use that interface or not.

One plausible way is to define an extension point org.eclipse.cdt.core.BuildOutputConsoleParser with interface for contributed extension classes as org.eclipse.cdt.core.IBuildOutputConsoleParser. IBuildOutputConsoleParser will extend IConsoleParser. There will be a ConsoleParserManager to load and initialize the console parsers within the builder at runtime. The extension point can have configuration elements for inclusion or exclusion of specific builder ids as well.

Can anyone please suggest the correct way to define or contribute a simple console parser for the build output ?

Thank you
Tensilica India, Pune

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