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[cdt-dev] Pull vs. Rebase

Hi All,

We're iterating through git migration tests here, and I'm wondering about the workflow of updating from the central repository.

As we won't have access to gerrit, cdt committers are going to be pulling and pushing directly from a central CDT repo.  The proposed workflow that we've got still involves bugzilla:

The CDT repo is quite big (there are 126 .projects) and very active.  So I'm worried that if every committer just follows the egit UI, they'll pull, followed by push, and every pull will be a merge, so we'll end up with sphagetti history:

As I understand it they should instead fetch, follow by a rebase: git pull --rebase - which has equivalent semantics to cvs update.  Is there anyway to get egit to do this by default?  Looking at our proposed migrated repository, history is nice and linear, should we worry about losing this...?

Any tips / tricks & recommendations from the egiters is welcome!


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