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Re: [cdt-dev] The great git migration 2011

On 10 May 2011, at 11:24, James Blackburn <jamesblackburn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 10 May 2011 11:04, Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think it makes sense. Yes, a single repository makes it easier and at 150Mb or so isn't the end of the world. Plus you only need to do it once :-)

It's about 250M for a faithful full-history clone:

I thought the plan was to filter out the old stuff? So the 150M was for the single repo post cruft filtering. 

Presumably --depth 1 prevents all further repo interactions from working: i.e. fetch / pull / push, so committers shouldn't use this.


I'm assuming that there's no inadvertently committed binaries etc? Is it worth doing a scan of the repo for known extensions (exe, tar, o, PDF?) to check for content that shouldn't be there? 

We do have a few exes, not many. Mostly in the tests for the symbol readers.  As a rule there's not much derived content to speak of in the repo.

Not now, but do you know for sure that there has never been am accidental commit? Whilst this wouldn't be obvious from CVS, the Git repo will contain all historic mistakes. 


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