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Re: [cdt-dev] Dsf Model Delta Question

Hi Pawel,


I mean Node1 to Node3 (including node2)


When I get some free time, I’ll try to come up with a JUnit test case and file a bug for this issue.





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Hi Patrick,
(still catching up on my mail)
In your description, you say that node 1 and node 3 are removed.  Did you mean Node1 and Node2
Refreshing an element should automatically trigger refreshing of all expanded children of that element.  So if you're not seeing that, it's a bug.  As long as the delta's look good, the defect would be in the viewer.

On 04/29/2011 11:47 AM, Chuong, Patrick wrote:



I am seeing a strange behavior with the model delta and I am not sure whether I am doing the right thing or not.


Here is my problem: I expand some elements and scroll to the middle of the view, so some of the parent nodes are hidden.  Generating IModelDelta.CONTENT on the parent nodes doesn’t update the children.


To be exact, this is what the tree looks like:


+ parent

+ Root 1

+ Root 2

+ Root 3

- Root 4

+ Node1

 - Node2






                                + Node3


When Sub_Node50 to Sub_Node60 is visible and Node1 to Node3 is not longer valid in the model, and  generating a IModelDelta.CONTENT for parent (nor Root1 to Root4)  does not remove Sub_Node1 to Sub_Node60 until I scroll to Root4.


I was able to work around this by sending IModelDelta.CONTENT | IModelDelta.COLLAPSE , is this the right thing to do? Or perhaps there is a bug somewhere between platform and DSF?




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