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[cdt-dev] Linked folders and include directories


I am observing a problem with linked folders and the CDT 'includes'

I have a main project (say 'A') which I use to provide a link to a
project's root and some global make targets.
I use a linked folder for that to keep eclipse things out-of-source-tree.
Now I have many smaller projects each being a local view on a smaller
make target.
The include directories of these projects are specified using absolute
paths pointing into subfolders of the linked folder in main project 'A'.

Now I observe:
1. include directories are referenced as A/somesubdir, i.e. as a
workspace path relative to project A.
    why is that? If there are other projects with linked folders e.g.
liking sub-folders of the folder linked in by 'A', there is some racing
for this registration.
    I.e. it depends on the order the projects are loaded. A bit
confusing and intimidating ;)

2. When loading or importing projects with such include references the
status bar displays messages about processing duplicate references.
     Moreover, with Eclipse 3.6 + CDT 7.0.2 this is unbearably slow.
With 3.7M6 + 8.0 same behavior but much quicker.
     What does this message about dup refs mean? also intimidating ;)

3. The referenced include directories are not browsable.
    Moreover, with Eclipse 3.6 + CDT 7.0.2 the indexer does not find
included headers which would be in these referenced folders.
    With 3.7M6 + CDT 8.0 indexer is ok, though these folders are still
not browsable

My context: I am working on an CDT generator for CMake.
- see
- find my git repo: git@xxxxxxxxxx:oliver----/cmake_cdt7.git

Another thing:
is there some specification/documentation on <filteredResources/> used
to specify exclude/include filters for linked folders in .project?

Thank you,

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