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Re: [cdt-dev] ICLanguageKeywords



In general this works.  We would need a little bit more details to figure out what’s wrong.

You could also search the mailing list archive. There have been similar questions in the past.




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Subject: [cdt-dev] ICLanguageKeywords


Im working on a project and we have implemented a lot of c++-classes and define
a lot of macros. We built a library and it to a kind of c++ based-language, so that the classes will be used as simple datatype by folks who will programm against this library .

My task is to get all this stuf highlighted in the CEditor. So I implemented the ICLanguageKeywords interface and added the c++-classes name as additional keywords. I configured the Language mapping setting like it should be.
But it doesnt work. I dont get any of those added Keywords syntax-highlighted.

How ist this to be done ?
I will appreciate any help.

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