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Re: [cdt-dev] Debugging without a project

> On the other hand, you can create a generic launch (I call it Attach)
> without a binary or a project.  You can re-use that same launch
> for any binary you want to attach too.  This works on HEAD already.
> Marc
I know this option. What I am talking about is an automatic launch for Just-
in-time debugging

I already use this for command line gdb and QtCreator.

>The main issue with doing it this way is that you get caught up in the 
>Eclipse startup time issue. It still takes about 10 seconds for Eclipse to 
>fire up on modern machines.
If I could reuse an existing Eclipse session startup time would be no problem. 
Something like the openFile launcher (open any file from the Explorer in 
Eclipse) would be fine.


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