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Re: [cdt-dev] Debugging without a project

Hi Marc,

I think the "Executables" view was invented precisely for this purpose -- drag/import an executable there, right-click, and Debug As... on it.  No need to manually create a project.  

Of course, this does *implicitly* create an "Executables" project behind the scenes, with links to the actual executable(s), thus filling the role of the "bogus" project in the launch config as noted in your report -- whether you see this feature as fulfilling the requirement or not is up to you. :)

-- Ed

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I think a great feature for CDT debugging is to allow a user
to debug any application, not just the ones that were built in

We currently support this, but not nicely, as we still require
a bogus project to be used.  As part of
I will be removing the requirement to specify a project by simply
allowing the project box of the launch to remain empty (as long
as the binary selected uses an absolute path).

Users will then be able to simply input a binary on their system
and start debugging right away.  In fact, a user could use CDT
to debug without ever creating a project.

If anyone thinks of a reason this would be bad, please let me know.


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