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Re: [cdt-dev] stop on main by default

The only thing I used it for was demos to show off the debug views quickly. But that's not something our users would do.

I'm throwing my vote in the +1 ring. I'm very keen on improving usability of the CDT and I'd hate to see an inability to change things costing us on that front.

And let's be honest. Very few vendors use the CDT's launch configurations. This change shouldn't have much impact commercially. And if we have it as a preference, vendors that do reuse them can always set it back to the old way when they package it up.

If we make the change for M7, we can use the release candidate cycle to get feedback. If there is an uprising, we can always change it back.


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> > I would also like to see Non-stop as the default.
> +1!  Is there presently a way to configure this as the default?
> Andrew
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