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Re: [cdt-dev] stop on main by default

+1 for not stopping by default. I agree with Marc, the preference does not make sense since it is more natural just to add the breakpoint. Who needs to stop in main anyway.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Marc-Andre Laperle <malaperle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I use VS 2008 and I can set breakpoints before debugging but you could be right about other IDEs. VS 2008 doesn't break at main by default either, it just runs and exits if you don't set breakpoints. In fact, my colleague comes from Visual Studio and found this behavior annoying (among a very big list of other things which drove him away). I just don't see the value of doing this by default. If the user wants to stop at main, he should add a breakpoint there. Moving it to Main page isn't a lot better either, you can start debug sessions without ever opening the Debug Configurations.

Does someone *prefer* or need the 'stop at main' being on by default?

On 25/04/2011 4:42 PM, Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Can you go a little bit deeper about what's wrong with stopping at main? Would moving the setting to the Main page help?

BTW, in many ways this is historical and borrowed from VisualStudio. In many IDEs, you can't set a breakpoint until you start the debugger, and main was the convenient first stop. Of course, that isn't true with Eclipse since breakpoints are persisted as markers. Mind you that has sparked a whole set of other issues.

I guess no one complained about it before. I'm not sure what the right answer is that satisfies the new user coming from Visual Studio and others who find this behavior bad. I'm looking forward to hear what people think.


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I dislike the 'stop on main' being the default for debug configurations.
A colleague of mine also brought that to me. Could we consider turning that
off by default? What do you think? A preference could be added for
products that want it on by default.

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