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Re: [cdt-dev] CODAN-Auto checking after quickfix

Alena Laskavaia <elaskavaia.cdt@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:08 AM,  <maximed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I noticed that whe I used a quickfix on my code, checkers were called
automatically to refresh errors and warnings. I'd like to know if there is a
way to do it without modifying my file or my AST (I am in my justification
thing again).

I don't understand the question

When a codan problem is reproted on CDT IDE, and when I use the suggested quick fix (such as create local variable for example), the error/warning disappears, which is the expected comportment. Indeed, in the existing quickfixes, the source file is modified, so I think the warning disappears because of the modification (as I am in run as you type mode). The quickfix I developed does'nt modify the source to change the problem, it only flags it in an other way. My problem is that I need to add/suppress a character (in run as you type mode), or launch a manual checking to make this modification visible (ie re-call checking on the file). So I wanted to know what was the way (the class/method) to explicitly call checking of all my checkers on the displayed file.

My second question concerns the fact that when I use a quickfix, a new tab
is opened in the editor, and sometimes eclipse asks me to save something. Is
it because I used "run as eclipse application" (and then it will not be the
case when I'll run it it production mode), or because something is wrong in
my installation?

It should not open tab. It will ask to save the file because it cannot
work on unsaved file for some reason.
Check the code of existing quick fixes to see what is different.

The fact is that my code is based on a copy/paste of what was done on previous quickfixes (I don't pretend being smart enough to guess what API does without an example =) ). Even with an empty apply method, the problem is present. Maybe it comes from my build, as I had to manually copy a class from cdt.core into codan.checkers.ui, since I wasn't able to find it in the cdt.core.jar which was in my eclipse/plugin directory (don't remember at the moment the name of the class). The weird thing is that it asks to save the file, saves it indeed, but the result file is empty...

Here is my code for sample:

        * Handles the quick fix
       public void apply(IMarker pMarker, IDocument pDocument) {
               try {
                       /* We get the beginning and the ending of the problem
                       int lStart=(Integer)
                       int lEnd=(Integer)
                       /* We get the AST of the program, so as to get its
filename */
                       IASTTranslationUnit lAst = lUnit.getAST();
                       String lFilename=lAst.getContainingFilename();
                       /* We get the id of the problem, so as to get its
checker's id */
                       String lProblemID=getProblemId(pMarker);
                       /* If the problem is an error or a warning, it is not
justified yet */
                       int lLength=lEnd-lStart;
                       IASTNode lNode=lSelector.findEnclosingNode(lStart,
                       String lExpression=lNode.getRawSignature();
                       if(lSeverity==IMarker.SEVERITY_ERROR ||
                               /* Ables to enter justification */
                               InputDialog lDialog = new InputDialog(null,
                                               "Please enter the
justification", "Default", null);
                               String lReason = lDialog.getValue();

lProblemID, lStart, lEnd, lExpression, lReason);
                       /* Else, if it is an info, it is already justified */

lProblemID, lStart, lEnd, lExpression);
               } catch (CoreException e) {

Thank in advance.


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