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Re: [cdt-dev] Assembly language keywords and directives

This brings up a possibly more general issue of how people are managing the assembly editor.  I know that at Mentor we had a single debugger that could target multiple families (ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, …) and the fact that there was not a flexible mechanism for choosing which assembly was in use was problematic (we ended up creating our own assembly editor).  I think that ideally there should be any number of named sets of the keywords/directives (extension point?), and which one is used by the editor in any given file is an attribute possibly inherited from the containing project, or something like that. 


As multi-core becomes more prevalent, being able to mix different families would be key.



Aaron Spear, VMware


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Our compiler supports additional assembly keywords and directives, is it possible to add additional keywords and directives to the existing set for assembly editor? I am looking at the code and couldn’t find a way to do so. Do I need to make my language adaptable to ILanguageUI and duplicate assembly language code scanner provided by CDT?




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