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[cdt-dev] remote debugging sync problem


Hopefully this is the correct group to ask. I'm having trouble getting remote debugging synchronized with Eclipse when I hit a breakpoint in a thread. 

I wrote a simple "Hello World" app that prints out "H-W" in both main() and also prints it out in a created thread. Running the app on the target with no breakpoints, the app runs fine from start to finish. I can even step through the main() code....but not the thread code.

The problem happens when I put a breakpoint in the thread. The app hits and stops at the breakpoint but Eclipse doesn't update the Debug window with new thread information, nor does it change the focus in the source code to where the breakpoint is at. If I step, then it's really obvious that Eclipse is lost.

Here are the GDB traces once it hits the thread breakpoint:

  183,882 ~"[New Thread 509]\n"
  183,890 ~"[Switching to Thread 509]\n"
  183,907 19*stopped,reason="breakpoint-hit",bkptno="1",thread-id="2",frame={addr="0x000084e4",func="h\

  183,908 (gdb) 
  184,160 20-thread-select 1
  184,160 21-stack-info-depth 11
  184,173 20^done,new-thread-id="1",frame={level="0",addr="0x401304b0",func="sigsuspend",args=[],from=\
  184,173 (gdb) 
  184,238 21^done,depth="4"
  184,238 (gdb)

It doesn't look like Eclipse is trying to refresh any information once it hits the breakpoint.

However, I figured out a manual way to get Eclipse back into sync when I reach a thread breakpoint: 

-	I put a breakpoint in the thread and run the H-W app
-	I watch the debug window and wait until I notice that the original single thread has suspended
-	when his happens I click the refresh button to get the debug window to update with all the new threads information, 
-	open the new thread that is marked as 'hit breakpoint', 
-	select the last function in the call stack indicating 'breakpoint' 
-     now the source code window will change and display its arrival at the breakpoint

Once I have done the above Eclipse is back in sync and I can step through the thread code.

Should it behave this way? 

Running Galileo 3.5. Using "GDB (DSF) Remote System Process Launcher". The same app running locally on my workstation doesn't require my manual workaround. Once it hits the breakpoint, Eclipse is fully in sync and I can step through the thread code.

The app also behaves properly when using GDB without Eclipse. I can set a breakpoint in the thread and GDB and the remote app stay in sync with each other once the breakpoint in the thread is hit, and I step along the thread code with no problems.

Appreciate any help.


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