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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding the Restart button back into the Debg View toolbar

Use the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point to add commands to different UI parts.
There some examples of its use in different CDT plugins, e.g., org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb.ui/plugin.xml


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> Hi,
> We are shipping a new product based on Helios/CDT. We are 
> getting a lot (yes, a lot!) of complaints from our customers 
> about the removal of the Restart button from the DebugView 
> toolbar (which was present in the Galileo/CDT product). Yes, 
> it is still available in the context menu, but this is a lot 
> less convenient.
> I am not sure how to go about adding it back in. I can use a 
> viewContribution to add a button to the toolbar, but Restart 
> is provided  as a command. How do I go about adding a command 
> to the DebugView
> toolbar (specifically the restart command, with ID 
> org.eclipse.debug.ui.commands.Restart)?
> Thanks
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