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Re: [cdt-dev] Hide property pages



You can hide the default existing property pages by

modifying 'plugin_customization.ini' file.


For e.g., you can hide the Tool Chain Editor property page by adding the

following line in 'plugin_customization.ini' file:




Ensure this by creating  a new workspace.





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Subject: [cdt-dev] Hide property pages


Hi guys,

I've been working in an own project type extending the CDT. Now I want to hide some of the default existing property pages when project properties page is shown but I'm not able to get the property pages associated with the project. Is there any programatically way to do it?.

I want to get the associated property pages and then try to hide them because I've seen that when I extend "org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages" some of the default property pages, exist the method "setVisible" and it works well.

Any suggestions?,

Thanks in advance

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