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[cdt-dev] Plug-in for test driven development in cdt

Hi cdt folks!

On the base of Alena Laskavaia's work we, Martin Schwab and Thomas
Kallenberg develop a test-driven development plug-in suite for Eclipse
CDT. This work is a bachelor thesis at the HSR Hochschule fuer Technik,
Rapperswil under the supervision of Prof. Peter Sommerlad.
We are working on this feature for about 4 weeks and we would like to
show you our results to get some input.

At the moment we are working on several features like:

- Creation of local variable (there is already a plug-in which can
handle this. However it does not work with macros. This is one of our
features since we use CUTE Tests as our base which uses macros.)
- Creation of member functions
- Creation of free functions
- Detection of return type for created functions
- LinkedMode to edit parts of the created functions

We do have an update site where you can download the latest version of
our plug-in. If you like to test it just install our nightly build from:

Be careful since this is not yet very stable and in pre-Alpha state.

So feel free to contact us if you found issues, have any suggestion or
wishes you would like to see in our plug-in.

	Martin Schwab & Thomas Kallenberg

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