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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT ToggleBreakpointsTargetFactory enablement

I have no objections to the proposed changes, but I'd like to point out another weakness in the current design: The toggle breakpoint target is selected based on the factory enablement and the IToggleBreakpointsTargetFactory.getDefaultToggleTarget() return values. However, once user overrides the default setting by using the Breakpoint Types sub-menu, the user selection overrides other choices from then on. Would it help to change this logic so that the user-override is reverse-able and/or applied to a narrower scope?


On 03/15/2011 12:40 PM, Chuong, Patrick wrote:
Hi All,

Our customers use both GDB and JTAG debugging at the same time and setting breakpoint between debug sessions are cumbersome, the toggle breakpoint type selection need to be switch to match the breakpoint type inorder to create the corresponding breakpoint for each debug session.

I would like to change the way CDT toggle breakpoint target factory enablement, by making them more specific to the current debug context, project type and IDeclaration element.

For Disassembly view: the factory will be enabled when the debug session is either cdi or dsf-gdb.
For Editor: the factory will be enabled when the editor belongs to a project that supports ICBreakpoint Type, a CProject will have a new project scope preference.
For IDeclaration: the factory will behave similar to editor.

Does any one see any problem with this approach or have other suggest?


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