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Re: [cdt-dev] Extending CCProjectWizard: Can't change default build C/C++ settings

You probably want to extend one of existing project types using org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions extension point. Check "Managed Build System Extensibility Document" which you can find in Help->CDT Plugin Development Guide (or with Google). For examples you could check how CDT projects types are defined in org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.gnu.ui plugin.xml. You could also find a few articles how to do that on the web.


2011/3/10 Israel Rodríguez <irodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello all,

I'm struggling with default build C/C++ project properties changes.

Well, we have an IDE based on eclipse CDT for our own system, using an old Eclipse and CDT version. Basically our system takes two makefiles defined by us and perform some operations using non managed makefile project (deprecated NewMakeCProjectWizard).

Now, we are migrating to the latest CDT and Eclipse version, so I had to investigate the new hierarchy in order to let the same project creation.
I was some days investigating and I think I got the correct project creation hierarchy using CCProjectWizard class and some more.

The problem now is that when I create the project and take the default .project to write my own options, that changes are shown in the .project but not in "Properties -> C/C++ Build", so when I build the project it takes the settings shown in "Properties -> C/C++ Build" and rewrite the .project.

Probably I have a misconception but I couldn't found what is wrong. There was a method in the old hierarchy call "doRun(...)" in which this operation was performed, but it is no longer in the new. Now I perform the "write my own settings" after performFinish() is call.

The type of project I'm extending is: "New Project -> C++ Project -> Makefile Project -> Empty project" and what I want to change programatically are the advanced settings because they are going to be allways the same.

I hope you can help me,

Thanks a lot in advance Rolling

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