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Re: [cdt-dev] PDOMCPPBinding.getQualifiedNameCharArray vs PDOMBinding.getQualifiedName

Hi Sergey,

The history shows that this piece of code was introduced with the initial representation of instances in the index (


There were many issues with this representation. It also put template instances below the original binding (rather than the actual owner) in the PDOM hierarchy. I guess the extra condition was put into ‘getQualifiedNameCharArray’ to (partially) work around this.


Today I think it would be most consistent to rely on CPPVisitor.getQualifiedName() and CPPVisitor.getQualifiedNameCharArray().







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Subject: [cdt-dev] PDOMCPPBinding.getQualifiedNameCharArray vs PDOMBinding.getQualifiedName
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PDOMCPPBinding.getQualifiedNameCharArray and PDOMBinding.getQualifiedName methods may produce semantically different results due to !(node instanceof ICPPTemplateInstance) condition that is present in the first method, but not in the second one. Is it an oversight, or there is some mysterious truth behind it?



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