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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding a checker to codan

> (1) I'm not sure of what you mean here, is that the same that (2)
Well if you want to count lines I don't think AST is a proper model for this

> (3) Got this problem with project's type, Eclipse tells me that my workspace
> is closed, althought my MANIFEST is well established

Are you trying to run it from the command line?

> In advance, thank your for giving me a little time, I hope it will be a good
> investment, because I got lots of checkers in mind =)
> As a conclusion, may I suggest you something: it is a pain to dowload and
> create an eclipse project from each folder from the CVS (my proxy doesn't
> want CVS access), and once it's done, it took me half a day to create a
> build path corresponding to the project's requierement. My advice is that
> you distribute the HEAD revision in a tar.gz format, so as to include all
> the necessary jars and the sources.
> Thanks for reading me, waiting for your answers =)
> Regards, Maxime Dechatre.
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