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[cdt-dev] How to prevent infinite scrolling in Disassembly View?

Hi All,

The Disassembly view in DSF supports "infinite scrolling", i.e. when user scrolls up or down, view requests more disassembly from the target, effectively never allowing the scrollbar to end. This is sometimes not desirable behaviour, especially with embedded targets.
Example: An embedded target has a small 64k memory from 0x4000_0000 to 0x4000_FFFF. There is a function at the start of this memory, lets call it _reset(). If user opens disassembly view to see this function, and then he scrolls up, the view tries to retrieve disassembly data from addresses lower than 0x4000_0000. SInce there is no physical memory before 0x4000_0000, gdb returns garbage disassembly.

Is there a way to prevent the disassembly view from scrolling infinitely, i.e. it should only scroll that much content as was retrieved in the first request.


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