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[cdt-dev] Problems with the windows Spawner


I have a strange problem that having spent a couple of days debugging, I
can't resolve.

When I use Eclipse to debug my Eclipse+CDT+plugins application, the Spawner
fails to find "make". It reports "The system cannot find the file
specified". I have tried giving it the complete and full path to make
(c:\path\to\make.exe), and it still reports the same error. However, if I
build my product and run it standalone (i.e. not using the debugger), then
it all works OK.

I have tried reducing the length of Path and the number of environment
variables, but it makes no difference.

Does anybody experience this problem, or give me some clues as to what to
look at next? It is driving me crazy!

I am using CDT 6.0.2 under Windows 7, 32-bit.


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