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[cdt-dev] DSF BreakpointsMediator2 and failed breakpoint updates


I am trying to understand the correct way of handling failed breakpoint updates when using the BreakpointsMediator2 DSF service.

When our implementation of IBreakpoints fails to update a breakpoint in updateBreakpoint(), it will set an error status in the RequestMonitor it receives from BreakpointsMediator2.

However, it seems that the BreakpointsMediator2 is always ignoring a failure in the request monitor it sends to the breakpoints service:


private void modifyTargetBreakpoints(final IBreakpoint bp, Collection<IBreakpointsTargetDMContext> updateContexts, Map<String, Object> targetAttrDelta) {

    	CountingRequestMonitor modifyTargetBPCRM = new CountingRequestMonitor(getExecutor(), null) {
			protected void handleCompleted() {
				fRunningEvents.remove(bp); // nothing is done on failure
					fBreakpointsService.updateBreakpoint(tbp.getTargetBreakpoint(), targetAttrDelta, modifyTargetBPCRM);  


So what is the right way of telling DSF that the platform breakpoint modifications have not been reflected on target breakpoints?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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