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Re: [cdt-dev] Indexer preferences for automatic update

Hello Markus,
Thank you for your quick response.
Just for my understanding regarding the two options:

When "Automatically update the index" is enabled:
After a resource change (that can be triggered by a file save or external file change with a following resource refresh) the indexeer is called once to update all the changed resources in one step. This works similar as the command "Update modified files" when executed on the project. -> Typical project builder behaviour

When "Update index immediately after every file-save" is enabled:
After every save (because of a change) of a c/c++ file the indexer is executed once to update the respective file.
Other kinds of changes (external file change with a refresh) are not handled when this setting is enabled.

When both settings are disabled:
The index can only be updated after a file change by using the commands provided in the "Index" context menu.

Is my interpretation of the settings correct?

For what reason should somebody enable "Update index immediately after every file-save"? Isn't solely "Automatically update the index" enough for all use cases?

Greets Marko

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Without the first option resource changes are handled like the
does (or would do if it is turned off). With that you can get batched
to the index.
The second option is more aggressive in that it schedules the indexer
right after a change to the file.

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> Hello folks,
> We are writing a plugin that is using the index content to a
> certain degree. For that to work properly the index should
> always be updated automatically.
> In the preferences there are two switches for enabling the
> automatic update of the index:
> 1. Automatically update the index
> 2. Update index immediately after every file-save
> Does anybody know what the exact difference between those two is?
> We need this information to properly configure the project
> (so that our plugin can work properly)
> Greets Marko
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