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Re: [cdt-dev] EDC and asynchronous operations

At 02:52 PM 10/12/2010, Tarassov, Eugene wrote:
> And depending on D, I may need E, or F but not both. And if F is some
particular value, then I need G, H, I, J and K. Such a use case could
probably not be properly and/or efficiently implemented using ACPM, I

The implementation you sent proves that transaction object needs to know the superset of all data points that may be needed to carry out the transaction. I'm saying that such knowledge is not necessarily available in many situations. E.g., as I embark on constructing a stack crawl, I don't know the entire set of memory reads I'll need. I need to make a few reads before I know what other memory, if any, I need to read. And once I do those secondary reads, I may need to do additional reads.

This is an example of a debugger operation that would require a ton of async operations that cannot be simplified using a single APCM transaction. Now, breaking down the operation to multiple ACPM transactions may solve the problem...


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