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Re: [cdt-dev] EDC and asynchronous operations

 Hi Eugene,

If a client encounter an invalid cache item, it can choose:
  1. Abort the transaction and return an error.
  Or 2. Start data retrieval on the item, add the transaction to the wait
list of the item, re-run the transaction when item state changes.
Most clients choose #2.

Maybe I am missing something, but the following scenario is also an option, isn't it?

1. The cache items are always "valid" for clients regardless of their internal states. For instance, for a value request the corresponding cache item always returns the "old" valid value.

2. A cache item can be marked (internally) as invalid. In this case an internal update will be triggered by a client request. When the internal update is completed, the cache notifies the clients of changes.

3. When a client receives a notification from the cache it reacts accordingly (by requesting the new value, for instance).


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