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Re: [cdt-dev] How to reuse the index .pdom file generated using GeneratePDOM application


While I'm not answering your question now, I believe there's a simpler approach to your problem. The external headers should get indexed if:

a) they are included by a source file in the project, and
b) they are in the project's include paths.

I'm assuming you're using an external build system (like Make) as opposed to CDT's managed build. The correct include paths are then usually discovered automagically after a build (from console output) regardless of your build tool. You might want to make sure that "C++ Build / Discovery Options / Automate discovery of paths and symbols" is checked in your project properties.

Does F3 (go to declaration) work on a symbol from your external headers?

Hope that helps a bit.

-- Tomasz Wesolowski

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