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[cdt-dev] memory space DSF service

I wanted to poll the CDT debugger community to see whether others have a need for a DSF service that provides information on a memory space. In 7.0, I added to DSF the ability to gather the available spaces from a memory context (see IMemorySpaceDMContext). Currently, this is used by the memory views.

In our commercial product, we need to go further and get information on a space, e.g., is it code or data, what's its range, what is the addressable size of the memory. Now, there are no features currently in CDT that would use such a service, but I suspect many of you are dealing with targets that have memory spaces and either have home-grown variants or will eventually need such a service. Please speak up if so. If there's enough interest, I'll open a bugzilla report to add the interface and we can hammer out the specifics there.


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