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Re: [cdt-dev] Multi-core Working Group

I also will be contributing to the wiki page this week.

As for the layers question, here's my take.

At the end of the day, we are talking about adding features, not just plumbing. The charter of the working group should be to add multicore features to CDT, not the platform. That said, it's very unlikely we'll be able to get some of these capabilities properly implemented without enhancements in the platform. Hopefully, Pawel will be able to help us on that front.

The next question is: to what debug infrastructure in CDT should these features be hooked up to. Unfortunately, it looks like we now have three to consider: CDI, DSF and TCF-debug. In theory, we should look at implementing the features in a way that could be plugged into any or all of these. The problem there is that doing so requires an additional layer of abstraction, which complicates the design, and introduces, dare I say, yet another kind of debug layer within CDT.


At 09:42 AM 10/5/2010, Alexiev, Dobrin wrote:
Thanks Mark for initiating the multicore discussion and setting up the wiki.

Over the next few days I'm planning to fill up some of the use cases and requirements for the top level features you already outlined.
I hope many people will get involved at that stage...

At this point I'm pretty puzzled is which layer these feature should belong: platform debug, flexible, CDT, CDI, DSF, TSF, etc.
Anyway, I'll continue my wandering on the new wiki...


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at the CDT Summit there was a lot of interest around bringing Multi-Core Debugging to the CDT.
I use the wording "Multi-Core" to denote a multi-node debugging session, where multiple
cores, multiple boards, multiple targets, etc, can be debugged.

We got an impressive demo from TI (Dobrin and Patrick) about the work they have been doing in
that field.  They showed a working implementation of the following features:
  - Grouping of debug-view elements
  - Debug operations (step, resume) on groups
  - Hiding of debug-view element types
  - User-selectable debug-view layouts
  - Debug-view hierarchy configuration in the launch
  - Pin and Clone of debugger views

Many summit participants expressed their interest in seeing such features be part of the CDT,
and were open in helping make Multi-Core Debugging a reality for CDT (you know who you are :-)).
To make this happen, I suggest the following:

- forming a Multi-core Debugging working group
- holding regular conference calls to discuss division of tasks, progress, issues, etc
- dividing the effort into manageable, self-contained features
- establish clear targets for the next CDT release
- get commitments from interested parties on the work they can contribute

To make this effort public, I have added a "Working Groups" section to the bottom of the
CDT wiki, where people can follow and contribute to this work.  We'll use this page for
conference-call details, minutes-of-meetings, and other relevant information.

This first email is meant to get the ball rolling and hopefully get different people/companies
to discuss internally how much they will be able/willing to contribute, and what their goals
are.  This work is an effort to take CDT Debugging to a new level, but also an opportunity
for companies that already provide Multi-Core debugging to have their say in the direction
the open-source community will take.

I personally will be absent for the month of October so I haven't planned a first conference
call.  If people want to get started before November, please go ahead.  If not, I'll schedule
something for the second week of November.

Comments and suggestions on this approach are very welcomed.

Take care.

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