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Re: [cdt-dev] deprecated ASTSignatureUtil

Title: Re: [cdt-dev] deprecated ASTSignatureUtil

Thanks for the clarification, I’ve suppressed the warnings in the EDC code so the build will work for now. We can take a longer look at the issue later on.

- Ken

From: "ext Schorn, Markus" <Markus.Schorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:08:08 +0200
To: "CDT General developers list." <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] deprecated ASTSignatureUtil

Thanks, I am about to fix the typo, it should read: Internally you can use ASTStringUtil.

I have deprecated the class because it is documented to be used for testing purposes, only. With that, it should
not have been API in the first place. ASTSignatureUtil will not go away, however using the class for something more
important than testing is probably not a good idea.
I don't plan to provide an alternative API for turning ast-nodes into strings.



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Subject: [cdt-dev] deprecated  ASTSignatureUtil
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You recently deprecated  ASTSignatureUtil. ASTSignatureUtil.getSignature and  ASTSignatureUtil.getExpressionString are called from a couple places in  org.eclipse.cdt.debug.edc.symbols.TypeEngine so this change breaks the build  of the org.eclipse.cdt.debug.edc plug-in. Can you suggest a replacement  API?

The new comment reads “Within CDT it is recommended to use {@link  ASTSignatureUtil}, instead” Is there another ASTSignatureUtil EDC should be  using?

Thanks - Ken

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