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[cdt-dev] Disassembly Debug Context Doesn't Change



I am looking into the disassembly view to see why the view doesn’t update when I select different elements in the debug view.


Here is my use case; I am debugging a local C program using GDB/DSF. After launch, the program is suspended at main and the disassembly view shows the correct disassembled instructions. However, when I select the thread element, process element, launch element, or debugger element, of the same launch, the view doesn’t update. It looks like it only update when I select the stackframe. This is more visible when you have two threads in the same launch, selecting between the thread elements don’t cause the disassembly view to update.


Disassembler doesn’t require a stackframe to call to the backend, but do need the stackframe for the start address. So selecting the thread element or stackframe element does make sense to show disassembly instructions, but not the other elements.


Is this a known issue that the view doesn’t update when selecting different elements in the debug view? Should I file a bugzilla entry for this?




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